My name is Omkar Patil and no surprises, this is my blog :). You can find more about me on LinkedIn, the crux being I have been a programmer for last 13 years. I started with Java on the J2EE bandwagon and over the years have seen quite a few things happening. The EJB monstrosity. Struts. The fresh breeze of Spring and Hibernate. The 1 GB installables of "JEE" containers that, among other things equally useless for 95% of the applications, support something called as "JAXR" and the "Enterprises" that keep on using these paying loads of money without having a clue what that is for. The perfect example that JSF is how not to do web development. TDD and Scrum. The RoR challenge and dynamic languages like Ruby, Groovy and Python suddenly becoming the "in thing". NoSQL movement. Rise of JavaScript on server-side. Mobile devices... Hmm, quite a mouthful to say in one breath and it doesn't even scratch the surface.

Alright, I hear the question, blogging - why now? Well, I had to start some day and I suppose this day is as good as any :). Besides, I have been doing quite a few interesting things on the technical front and thought I would share. Have you ever been to Hyde Park in London, the "Speaker's Corner" to be specific? You would see speakers pouring their heart out, many times oblivious to the fact that there is not a single soul listening. This blog happens to be my "Speakers Corner" moment.

I'll end this post with the statutory disclaimer. The views expressed on this blog are my very own and in no way represent my employer's. Good day and stay tuned.