I’m not a compulsive blogger, but am tempted every once in a while. The craving usually subsides after a few posts. You can see it for yourself here - blog.omkarpatil.com :^). I may not have been regular, but mind you, there are a few good posts there about AngularJS.

Coming to present, I have been using Github quite a bit these days and thought Github Pages would be an ideal place for posting random thoughts along with code and gists. All in one solution, if you will.

I began looking around for a tool that makes it easy to convert “Github Pages” into a blog. The first one I came across was Jekyll. Jekyll is a simple blog-aware static site generator. Very easy to use - no databases, content in files and posts in markdown. Sweet! Moreover, “GitHub pages” too is powered by Jekyll. A perfect solution.

So here I am, now going bla bla bla on Github Pages once in a blue moon :^).